April 17, 2008

Beverly Hills petanque

While in L.A., I had the great honor to join Diedrich Bader & his friends for an evening of petanque at his home boulodrome.

Home of the worlds' largest pocket scorekeeper: a wooden, mega version of the thing some us fiddle with in our pockets, stands tall - 6 ft long -, with large wheels and tiny spotlights around the numbers. A beauty.

Needless to say, Diedrich (who recently starred in Meet the Spartans) & his buddies are unbeatable in the banter department, but there's no joking around when it comes to skillful pointing. They've been playing for years. I almost felt like a novice.

The "inner sanctum" holds a collection of boules & accessories worthy of a museum and is home to the cherished Cup the teams vie for at their annual Bastille Day tournament.

Who won the game? I don't remember, but that was not the fault of the scoreboard ;-)

Great folks, memorable evening!

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Juan said...

That looks like a FUN Bunch!!!.