March 27, 2008

Mini piste in Austin

Everbody in US pétanque circles knows Christophe of La Boule NY. Well, right now he's in Austin, TX , and urgently needed an area to train. He calls it "Piste off". But he isn't.
As people say: size is not important (for good players ;-).

Hey Guys—
Here are some pics of my latest endeavor, my practice mini piste. I used DG (Decomposed Granite) for the material, & it drains perfectly. The actual dimensions are 28' long by 5.5' wide.
I just threw the first boules this afternoon and it works exactly the way dirt should work!

Now maybe I will learn how to play this friggin' game...


Anonymous said...

Hey Christophe what are you doing in Austin?


Bruce! said...

All hail Christophe!! King of the desert Piste!!! Ride em' cowboy!!!!