March 27, 2008

Boules on the riverside

Our friend Jerry reports about taking his boules from the US to France (yes, as in "coals to Newcastle") to christen them while on holiday.
I love the last paragraph, and - indeed - once we have enough players over here, I'll be the first to guide one such trip!
Thanks Jerry, for the exquisite images.

My wife and I completed a canal boat trip through Alsace & Loraine, on the Marguerite. There were a number of opportunities (sometimes ending late enough to require use of a flashlight) to play Petanque (notice the glasses of Pastis in some of the photos). A number of our traveling companions became very interested in the game; yes I took three boules with me to christen them in France. A Petanque court has even been installed in the mooring park at the foot of the boat-lift incline on the Rhine-Marne Canal as seen in the background of one of the photos.
Maybe you could organize a trip through France featuring “Petanque Courts of France”; it’s a beautiful country, the people there are delightfully frien
dly and the food & wine are superb.

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