November 16, 2007

First Nexius have arrived

Even before we had them up on our site - for the lack of good pictures -, our friend Bill in Texas was on the phone to get the very first Nexius set rushed to Dallas.
So now you can all see what it looks like up close.
I must say the hype is justified. They look very nice, and the presentation is A1. Obviously I couldn't try them out.

Bill did get them today and promptly addressed this hilarious note to our Customer Service department, which as most of you know, is the same as the Accounts, Purchasing, Marketing, Maintenance and Cleaning department. At first I freaked out, then cracked up, and hàve to share it with you!

Dear Sir,
I have received a package from your company which contains 3 metal balls of some mysterious metal of an antique bronze color which may be made of some type of steel alloy possibly of stainless origin. These balls are housed in an attractive leather bag of blue suede and natural leather.
My problem is that to the best of my memory I had ordered a set of Bocce balls from your company these being made of poly-urethane plastic or in some instances of bronze and not of this mysterious metal. Also, Bocce balls tend to be of a larger diameter than the balls I received. Please note that the pallino is smaller than the standard size of 35 - 50 mm. Again, as I have said, my memory is not what it used to be so maybe I didn't order Bocce balls and indeed did order these balls which after doing some research I have determined to be used in a game of French origin called Pétanque. I will report to you the results of my endeavors in trying this new French game. Furthermore, thank you for your prompt attention and for accepting payment in Lira and exchanging them for Belgian Francs and then doing the further calculations and conversion into Rubles to US dollars (please note that the word "dollar" is in lower case due to its present low value against other Major Currencies such as the Ecuadorian Sucre or the Icelandic Krona).

OBUT Nexius - $ 295.00 Delivery time 2-3 weeks.

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Anonymous said...

They look like they have a very nice surface texture.