October 25, 2007

An American Salute to Pétanque

Here are the original pictures from the Petanque 100 Album.

American pétanque can really be proud. As far as I know - from looking at other blogs and federation websites - we were the only country outside France where a concerted effort took place to celebrate and bring folks together. Especially new players or those who had simply forgotten about petanque.

Some of the Alliance Française chapters were super creative: cakes, posters, and even T-shirts with the "100" logo were prepared for the occasion.

"Chapeau bas aux boulistes Américains !"

Slideshow (3:45 min - with truly American music ;-)
Make sure to look in the top left corner to see the locations.

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Mark Graves said...

Great Job Philippe!!!! We appreciate all the work you have put into this and all that you do for the sport of Petanque.