July 20, 2007

Petanque 100 - slideshow

Photo album & slide show
( 3:10 min, with sound)

The actor/players were dressed in early 1900 garb and played with nail studded boules. The gentleman on the right with the beautiful hairdo played Jules Le Noir.
The whole "pieds tanqués" part was played, and followed by a game of the "old guard" against today's champions, Quintais, Suchaud, Loy, Lacroix, etc..
Then a couple of speeches and a a very nice traditional dance.
Then the bar opened, to everyone's delight -- it was quite hot.
The time for me to present our "American Salute to Pétanque Album" and mingle.

An unforgettable day!

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Baby Nubbins said...

Incredible job Philippe! Very entertaining! I watched the slideshow twice already and will watch it again! I see that the Masters de Petanque played in La Ciotat also... That must have been a delight to experience.

Thanks again!

Jeff Widen