July 20, 2007

Petanque in Manhattan

As usual the Bastille Day street fair was a huuuuge event.

Food, music, the Citroen & Solex parade, you name it.

Since the folks of La Boule NY were busy running the Brooklyn Tournament we traded places and I animated a petanque demonstration area over there. With soft balls this time; you don't want steel balls rolling all over the place. And so much easier for children.
Many people stopped and especially many kids played, making for lots of happy parents. And allowing me to talk pétanque - as usual.

Many, many thanks to Elizabeth from La Seyne-sur-Mer, Marie-Laure & Sonya from Philly, and Caroline from Le Thor who at different times and unexpectedly volunteered to help run the animation. Without them, I would not have survived the day.

I even met a couple vacationing in New York from... La Ciotat. They couldn't believe I was there 48 hrs earlier, but my pictures were plenty proof!

Photos & slideshow (with music)

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