July 2, 2007

Petanque 100 in San Francisco

The last Petanque 100 event on our list definitely broke the record!

Here's the photo album.

But first Christine's report:

The 100 years celebration of Petanque in the San Francisco Bay Area was a great success, with 90 people who came from all over the Bay Area : members of the Petanque clubs La Boule d'or, La Boule Joyeuse, Lamorinda, La Pétanque Marinière, Sacramento, members from the Berkeley, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Santa Clara French Alliances, members from San Francisco Bay Accueil, and other French organizations.
And some passerby from the dog run
For this special occasion, we had the pleasure to have Mr Sun with us
the whole day and Mr Fog and Mr Wind were nice enough to stay home.
Lerouge organized some games, with doublettes of club members, completed later by non-members, beginners or not. Janet Troussieux and Monique Martin from La Boule Joyeuse and Christine Lemor-Drake from Apple to Pomme offered the aperitif, Ricard, grenadine and amuse-gueules. A demonstration of Pointing and Shooting by Raymond was followed by 2 contests with trophies offered by the Boule d'or club.
This event was an idea from Philippe Boets,
our generous sponsor (Petanque America), advertised by the San Francisco Alliance and Suzanne's Francophile list, and many players left with raffle prizes, of all kind of shapes, sizes and values. Thanks to Raymond and Pim who gave away their stuffed animals collection to make room in their house for their coming baby. For those who don't know, they just won the National Mixed Double Tournament last week-end. The biggest surprise was the delicious fruit tart baked by a member pastry chef, Jean-Claude Etallaz. Twenty seven people left their names to eventually become club members. Thank you to all the people who gave a hand during the day.
One to remember.

Anyone who has more pictures of this day, feel free to send them to us.

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