July 17, 2007

An appeal for photos

Right after the trophy awards at BarTabac in Brooklyn, my camera disappeared.

It must have dropped from my belt (with or without the help of someone else...) and that was it.
Which means I have lost around 300 photos of Bryant Park (D'Artagnan Trophy) , the PïtStop tournament, the 60th Street Bastille Fair, and BarTabac...
Anyone who has photos of these events, please email them so we can share them with pétanque fans who could not make it to NY this past weekend.
Thanks a bunch in advance!

Update Jul 19: my camera was found and is on the way!


PetanquekaohsuingTaiwan said...

Sorry you lost your cam on Sunday
I was at Bartabc and was looking for you but did not see you.
Keep up the great work .I'll be going back to Taiwan this weekend

all the best

On craint dégun! said...

Hi Philippe,

Knowing you...I find your article half surprising!
I'm sure you already found hundreds of pictures...

Guess who? (..from Eyragues)