July 17, 2007

An American Salute to Pétanque

La Ciotat - July 13

An unforgettable day with all the right ingredients.

Martine Pilate, grand-niece of the Pitiot Brothers, was thrilled by the album we presented. Here she is with her husband Robert.

The next day Martine sent us this note that says it better:

Mon Cher Philippe,
Nous avons été très heureux de pouvoir passer un moment ensemble ce 13 juillet.
Je te remercie bien sincèrement de cet album de photos "An American Salute to Petanque". Ce document m'a beaucoup émue et il aura sa place d'honneur.
Je voudrais non seulement te remercier mais aussi remercier tous les joueurs, enfants, hommes et femmes, présents dans cet ouvrage. D'où que puissent se trouver Ernest, Joseph et ma mère (qui étaient si fiers de ce jeu devenu sport et art de vivre), je suis certaine qu'ils ont été, tout autant que moi, sensibles à cette reconnaissance qui prouve que l'amitié, l'élan et l'enthousiasme sont les meilleurs ciments entre les hommes.
Encore merci.
Avec mon amitié

... this album has touched me deeply and it will receive a place of honor. I would like to thank not only you but all the players, children, men and women who contributed to this presentation. Wherever Ernest, Joseph and my mother (who were so proud of this game turned sport and "art of living") may be, I am convinced that they, as much as myself, have been touched by this recognition that proves that friendship, passion and enthusiasm are thé elements that bind humankind...

The album went around the audience, including Marco Foyot, who - upon seeing the Chicago pictures said: "I know that guy! (Joe of Michigan PC)".

The La Ciotat movie will follow shortly on this blog, as soon as I recover from the 5 hectic Bastille Day pétanque events in New York this weekend. Midwest Petanque Alliance already has some Brooklyn photos up on their blog.

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Anonymous said...

Of course Marco Foyot knows Joe Zajac... Who DOESN'T know Joe?!