June 11, 2007

Petanque in Philadelphia

We had a great Pétanque 100 event on Sunday on a ball field in Fairmont Park (pictures coming).
Also an occasion for Mamary (aka Mo) to show us the new spot he discovered on S 40th St, between Walnut & Locust.
Recently part of the lawn was replaced by gravel, surrounded by benches. He has been playing there almost every evening from 6:30pm on, and several students have joined him for pick-up games.
Mo's skills are first class, and he is a great teacher too.
Plus plenty of restaurants across the street for a snack or a drink when you're done.
So check it out!

On the Petanque in the USA map.

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Jeppy said...

Excellent! I adore playing petanque in urban spaces. There's something about the transformation of a "busy city center" into a Southern French town square feeling that makes petanque so magical.

Jeff W.
-Detroit Petanque Club