June 11, 2007

Petanque in the news (good & bad...)

The Christian Science Monitor published a lengthy article today on pétanque, and on the banter that goes along with it. Sometimes for mere fun, sometimes as veiled intimidation.
The thrill of the toss ... the agony of argument - CS Monitor - June 11.

A lot better than the clumsy article the same paper published two years ago in which they completely mixed up bocce and pétanque.

Fortunately this time we were able to guide the author from the start and hook him up with the right people to interview. Also very good that there's a link in the article to La Boule NY, just in time for the Madagascar Open in Bryant Park on June 23. Lets' hope many New Yorkers read it!

On a sad note, several UK papers are reporting today on a phenomenon newly coined "bouliganism", where the banter referenced above has turned into aggressive behavior, causing the entire Nièvre département to ban tournaments until further notice.
Gentle image of pétanque wrecked by ‘bouliganes’ - Times Online - 11 June

Fortunately, that less savory aspect of our favorite game is limited to a few hot spots in France, and has not made it across the ocean where this weekend again hundreds of players in several cities celebrated the 100 years.

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