April 14, 2007

Boules A petanque

Got this 1932 village festival poster from a friend in Eyragues (between Arles & Avignon).
Of course one of the activities for the day was a boules tournament.
The text is very interesting from an etymological point:
"Concours de boules à petanque". Today everyone would say "boules de pétanque". But "à petanque" reflects the original meaning: "à pieds tanqués" or "feet fixed", thus simply put "standing still". To stress that they were not playing the traditional "boule Provençale" that day.
Today it would be the other way round!

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elian, said...

salut mon ami philippe pense qu a ton retour tu me doit 1 ricard
j y penserais
a bientot elian