April 11, 2007

American Salute to Pétanque

With the festivities coming up in July we were looking for an original idea to show the people in La Ciotat that the Pitiot brothers' legacy is alive and kicking this side of the Atlantic as well.
How about presenting them with a photo album of people playing in all 50 states?
We know an awful lot of players, but to approach them individually would take months...

So we made a proposal to the Federation of Alliances Françaises in the US: we donate a free set of 8 boules to each chapter (there's at least one in every state) that organizes a pétanque picnic this spring and sends us a couple of pictures of their get together.
Thanks to the folks at AFUSA the mailing went out this week, and the first replies came in today: Honolulu (Aloha!) and Kansas City, MO. Only 48 more states to go!

Update 04/12:
San Francisco, CA - Detroit, MI - Gainesville, FL - New Haven, CT - Grand Rapids, MI (only 44 states to go)
Update 04/13:
Tucson, AZ (only 43 states to go)
Update 04/16:
Lynchburg, VA (only 42 states to go)
Update 04/21:
Norfolk, VA (still only 42 states to go)
Update 05/02:
Charleston, SC (only 41 states to go)
Update 05/04:
Omaha, Nebraska (only 40 states to go)
Update 05/06:
Charleston SC & Louisville, KY (only 39 states to go)
Update 05/09:
Toledo, OH (only 38 states to go)
Update 05/14:
Buffalo, NY
Woodbury, CT
Dallas, TX (only 36 states to go)

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