February 1, 2007

International shipping

Sometimes it's good to stay up late.. Just got a phone call from a hotel in Manila to confirm an order. It's midnight here.
With the dollar as low as it is (almost like in the late '70's) anything expressed in $$ is cheaper than anywhere else.
Hordes of British tourists went shopping in New York over the holidays taking advantage of an almost $2 to £1 rate.

We regularly ship all over the place. The only problem is that our default shipping (UPS) is not the cheapest for international shipments so we disconnected the automatic calculation from the shopping cart.

If interested, please e-mail us for a shipping quote first. Global Priority Mail of the US Post Office works best to most places. Or check it yourself at http://ircalc.usps.gov/
Select your country. An average set of 3 boules weighs 5 lbs. For one set, the freight cost often eats up the exchange advantage, but for 2 sets it becomes worthwhile.

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