February 2, 2007

Distances to Seaside

Several people are driving right now to Seaside.
Joe just called me from the road.
The distances are truly amazing:
from Miami (Juan & Co): 622 miles - 9 hrs 20 min
from Detroit (Joe & Co): 968 miles - 16 hrs 88 min
I'll be doing 642 miles - 10 hrs 55 min

Below are our 3 itineraries.
All of this for a pétanque tournament? The prizes (if you win, that is) will hardly cover gas.
It does show how deranged determined we are ...
It would be worthwhile putting those distances on a Europe map and see where you end up!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well Philippe, for an example:

from LONDON to ROME is 891 miles

and PARIS to ROME is 687 miles

But Florida is, of course, so much better than Paris, Rome or London...