January 5, 2007

New leadership at CMSB

One of the members of IWGA is CMSB, the World Confederation of Boules Sports which groups the 4 boules related sports:
- sport boules (Lyonnaise)
- raffa (aka bocce)
- lawn bowls
- pétanque
The president, Mr Bruno-Lagier is retiring after 14 years at the helm.

Some people wonder why 4 such different sports should be grouped together. Others feel that only by joining forces they will - individually - be recognized on an international level.

World Games News article

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Anonymous said...

Yesterday Coordiantion commission for the 2009 world games meet here in kaohsuing,Taiwan to check on the progress of building the venues for the world games and they are going well.as for petanque there are a handfull of people learning to play the game here. and in May of 2005 they formed the CHINESE TAPIE PANTANQUE& SPORTS BOULES ASSOCIATION.