November 7, 2006

Petanque in the USA

Something I've been wanting to do for a long time:
to map the 7 odd thousand locations where we have shipped boules over the past 10 years.
The maps are not yet complete due to some old address formats, erroneous ZIP codes, and my allergy to software tutorials. About 10% is missing. Also, they are based on addresses, not the volume of shipments. One push pin may represent 3 or 30 boules. But they do give an overall picture.
No surprises: California, Florida and the Northeast remain the foremost pétanque are(n)as.
Oregon, Washington State and Michigan have grown a lot.
And there are interesting new "pockets" where there are more boules than you'd expect from the average population density.
In some places one can see several addresses in the same neighborhood, even street. We often know the "culprit" - the passionate aficionado who has convinced his or her neighbors and friends to play.
These are a few examples, like Madison WI, Kansas City MO, Tucson AZ, Santa Fe / Albuquerque NM and El Paso TX. (click to enlarge)

Of course we never have and never will give out names and addresses unless requested, but if you live in one of these - or other - cities we will try to hook you up.

Below are larger maps of S California, the NY-Boston corridor and South Florida.

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Juan said...

Very impressive Philippe!, I guess you have been working on this for along Time.