November 8, 2006

Boules.. or bocce?

Good news: Home Depot, the country's largest DIY chain has started to sell boules online.
The more pétanque or boules online the merrier.

A pity though that they are mixing things up:

"One of the oldest known games to mankind, boules, or petanque, was played by ancient Egyptians with polished rocks and by the Romans with coconuts from Africa. This bocce ball game from Giant Games is a stylish, contemporary version of those classical games."

Displayed on thick grass where the jack will be invisible, and the steel balls will bounce.

We can't repeat it often enough:
Bocce and pétanque are both great games, but they are about as similar as badminton and tennis, both also great games.

The price is stiff at $ 125.00 (for 8 generic boules), but that's another story.
A quick search shows that the exact same identical set sells in Australia at A$ 49.95 (US$ 38.50).


Jeppy said...

It is sad that some people may actually purchase this set for $125 and perhaps not even have a complete set of proper rules or instruction - when, if they were to purchase a set of high quality leisure boules from Petanque-America, they'd get a lifetime of sports play for a third of the price...and 50 times the quality.

Petanque America said...

It's a free world!
It does teach us something about the relativity of pricing.
This is a product you and I happen to know very well. How often have we bought something thinking it was a deal because we didn't know any better? It makes you wonder.
Thanks for the compliment on our products!

Anonymous said...

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