September 6, 2006

Boules with eggs

Here's an interesting report from our Dutch friend Rommert:

In France they do all sorts of things with pétanque.
Take for instance this small village St Julien sur Bibost, west of Lyon. At the end of August, when everybody is back home from summer holidays, they celebrate seeing each other again with a full weekend of partying out in the streets.
One of the favorite roadside attractions is called "Oeuf cassé, c'est gagné" meaning "Egg broken, you win!".
By hitting an egg with a pétanque ball, one wins a bottle of cheap bubble-wine, nicknamed "Chateau Migraine".
Here you can see the blond Michel "The Dancer", who is very popular with the ladies for that; Thierry with the long hair is the local hunter and therefore very popular with his wife Lillian, who took most of these pictures.

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Anonymous said...

What a coincidence! We play the same game in America, only we use bowls of chocolate pudding!

It' is a bit messy, but fun...