May 29, 2006

Petanque... priceless

A nice article appeared today about petanque on - MasterCard's website about new trends and lifestyles. We're very happy they interviewed Mr Midwest Petanque, our dear friend Joe who knows how to explain petanque in a nutshell. He's done it a billion times, at last count.

The article links to our Clubs in the USA page. Any club or group that's not on the list as yet, do let us know. We'll even make a one page presentation for your club, with pleasure (and for free), like we did for Seattle, Boca and Menlo Park until they have their own website.
We cannot stress enough how important it is for groups/clubs to advertise when and where you get together so anyone can just drive by and have a look before deciding if petanque is something he or she would enjoy.

Thank you to the people of MasterCard.

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