February 19, 2006

Petanque leaflet

For those who haven't seen it:
at the occasion of our PA Open Tournament in November, we asked FPUSA to prepare a little brochure to hand out to people who would walk by that weekend.
The result is very nice:
colorful, brief, to the point yet with sufficient information to tickle people's curiosity.
Every group that plays in public areas should have some handy. It beats looking for a piece of paper and a pen right in the middle of a game!
We noticed people start reading it on the spot and stick around which in turn gives players the opportunity to talk to them and offer to try the game themselves.
Since then, we have been putting one in every boules shipment that goes out.

For a quick look click on the pictures below:

or download the original PDF file (2.9 Mb), for a crisp printout.

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