February 20, 2006

FPUSA 2006 tournament schedule

Here's the FPUSA schedule for 2006.

Click for a printable version.

The first National is the National Triples at South Florida Petanque Club , on April 8 & 9.

The weekend of Nov 11 & 12 is not taken. If we go ahead with the Petanque America Open this year, we will do it that weekend. We're waiting on sponsors to confirm their participation. If you know any potential sponsors, do ask them to contact us.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Philippe! Great to here it, just make sure you count me in on helping out again this year, I had a great time!

I'd encourage *anyone* who's interested to do the same... Last year was great, but if everyone pitched in a little bit, this year's tournament may be too big for Miami! ;-)

Looking forward to it!