February 24, 2006

Petanque: Boules Down Under

Though on "a slow boat from Sidney"... the box made it to Miami. We now have Egon Pozniak's book available for sale online. Both Egon and I were getting a bit desperate. Almost 3 months since he put them in the mail down under. But that's all history now.

It's a nice book. Simple, to the point. You can probably read it in an hour or two, but will certainly pick it back up later on to review some of the techniques.

A review on petanque.org

To order online. Price US$ 18.95

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I've got my copy on the way!!! Keep these great new products coming Petanque America! And for sure I'll keep buying them... The more materials I have for my club, its that much more easier to help support the game of petanque with my members. We should all be buying these to have on hand for new members... anything to help support the sport!

Take care, and have many carreaus!