February 26, 2006

Boule diameters & weights

Petanque players often talk about boule diameters and weights.
How big are the differences really?
Let's visualize the officially permitted ranges (click on the image).

Diameters: I drew them to scale but of course the result will depend on your screen and resolution. I used 1024 x 768 pixels on a 19" screen.
Not that much, right? Although an extra millimeter can make or break a carreau.

Weights: is a simple graph, that shows the proportion. The 150 grams range represents 23 % of the minimum, or 18.75 % of the maximum. Again a rather small window.

Canadian players in Florida for instance love to play with very heavy boules, 800's if possible. But I think this has to do with the fact that they often play on very soft terrain. A heavy boule will then really sink in, hard to be displaced.
In France, 80 % of players use average diameters (72 to 74) and weights (700 to 730).

Comments anyone?


Jeppy said...

Interesting visual depictions. We have (as YOU WELL KNOW!) some players with 71 mm. boules - which, when played alongside 80 mm. really do show a significant difference. We joke with our 71mm boulers that "if you only had 74 mm. you'd have made that point!

Anonymous said...

I like my 71's to hide behind your 74's!!! ;-)