November 14, 2005

Tournament briefing

Mario Olivieri and Yngve Biltsted, ready for the briefing. Since we mixed folks who have been playing for only 6 months with very experienced players we asked the latter for an extra dose of sportsmanship. As an incentive we announced a special prize for the most courteous teams.
We heard from many teams later on that - although they lost 13 to 0 - they truly enjoyed their game and getting playing tips and help with the rules from the other team.


Jeppy said...

Thank you Mario and Philippe for organizing and financing such an incredible weekend. This has been my first out-of-state tournament. I will carry the unique social interactions for a lifetime and advance my skills from the experience gained in playing against great petanquers. My pointing partner, Don, and I appreciate the sportsmanship award but know that each team we played is equally deserving of the same title. I look forward to the next time we meet. Jeffrey

DeoffGeoff said...

I want to echo Jeffrey's thanks to Mario and Philippe for organizing the tournament: what a great time and what a great location!

I'd also like to publicly acknowledge, on behalf of myself and my teammate Jonathan, the great sportsmanship displayed by all our opponents, especially Frank and Ed from California, who blanked us (13-0), but were nice enough to play another game afterwards for fun and to give us some pointers.

-Geoffrey from Fenway Petanque Club of Boston