November 15, 2005

Team positions

Then came the drawing of the team positions. Although a couple of players had to cancel, three teams flew in unexpectedly from New York, and we started with 72 doubles exactly.
15 states were represented: California, Connecticut, Georgia, Florida, Maine, Massachussets, Michigan, Maine, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virgina.
Plus two teams from Germany, two from Colombia, Madagascar, Mali and... France.
An absolute 'first' in the history of American petanque!
Of the 144 players, 33 were (and still are) ladies.


Anonymous said...

And these 33 Ladies "Got Balls"
"Obut" bien sur !

Anonymous said...

How could you forget the teams from Texas!

Anonymous said...

Heh - indeed, how could you forget us?!?!


We had a blast folks - we're looking forward to seeing many of you in the future!

Ken Larson

Petanque America said...

Just added the Lone Star state (with many petanque stars). Which means we had 15 states, not 14!


Anonymous said...

Thank you to Philippe, Mario, and all you great petanque folks out there that helped make this weekend one of the most fun events. See you all in the circle!!