November 7, 2005

Dave Barry to be at the Open

We are honored that America's funniest columnist, Dave Barry will join us at some time during the tournament in South Beach. Ever since he discovered petanque at our first Open in 2003, he has been training relentlessly. Therefore he will compete "hors concours", a French term for 'exceptionally skilled'.

We saw Dave in action yesterday at the annual Herald Hunt, a marvelous family event he and Tom Schroder have organized in Miami since 1984. Around 7,500 contestants, some from as far as Seattle, WA flooded Coral Gables looking for clues and having a good time. For many it was also a welcome escape from Wilmaland.
The barbershop quartet performance by the Hotshots was tops.

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Thriller Jesus said...

Uh, yeah, my boy and I kinda got fourth place in the Herald Hunt (no sweat) so travel light - you'll probably be able to go home Saturday night in time for Antiques Roadshow. Yes, we may be lacking in the "actual skill" department, but we are never short on luck when we enter Dade county. Plus, I'm still pissed third place in the Hunt went to the Dominican and fourth got shirts.

We are so due.

Thriller Jesus