August 11, 2011

Petanque, a people connector

Here's a short interview of Matt Curtis, Communications Director for the City of Austin, TX. He plays with our friends of HOT Petanque. I've watched it several times and find it striking how he conveys the essence of the game in roughly 90 seconds. No wonder he's in communications!


Unknown said...

"... they usually play on crushed granite"

No, Petanque is played on ungroomed, natural terrains typified by packed dirt with a thin layer of crushed and small gravel. That's why it's called a terrain and not a court.

Misleading statements about terrain requirements is one of the major factors that keeps mainstream America from embracing the game. That, and as the speaker mentioned, ubiquitous French arrogance.

Australia has 1/15 the population of the U.S., yet it has a greater number of licensed Petanque players. What's wrong the picture?

Gary J. said...

Shirley and I have played with Matt many times on our visits to Texas and he's the most down-to-earth, natural guy you'd ever expect to meet. I just hope he considers us among those who have a positive attitude towards the game, our partners, and even our opponents. (At least most of the time!)

Christophe said...

Great interview Matt... Don't let that other comment about the terrains get to you. He has obviously never played in a carré d'honneur which is hard packed crushed stone. So you are both right.
But what do I know? I'm perhaps being, how you say, arrogant? :-)