April 26, 2011

Petanque TV

Markus Viktorsson in Kristianstad, Sweden, has launched an internet TV channel, called Petanque Exclusive.
They travel to major tournaments in Europe, so you can see them live, but have also accumulated footage from old championships that are worth watching. An archive, so to speak.

Membership is 36€ / year (abt U$52).
You can see some trailers for free, at Petanque Exclusive.
We wish him luck with this new initiative!

UPDATE 2011-05-07: Please read the review in the comments below.


Chrome Intro said...

The cost is current 38 euros or about $58. I just purchased it and will post a review in a few days.

Chrome Intro said...

Here's my followup comment:

Definitely not ready for primetime. Low resolution, slow streaming and many of the videos link to external sites that are either off-line or show popup commercials during the game. I didn't pay that much money to watch commercial supported Petanque streaming.

All-in-all, a waste of almost $60. Perhaps it will improve, but for now it’s just a good idea with extremely poor execution!