July 21, 2010

Brooklyn Bastille Day

It's hot!! Quelle chaleur!! Que calor!!
Was the most common phrase this past Sunday in Brooklyn.
On the other hand, there was enough liquid (in all tastes & colors) available to extinguish a California brush fire ;-)
Metromix NY already put up a slide show with nice pics.
Below you see team 13 - Jeannot, Bernard & Xavier - who beat team 64 - Bruce, Saul & Peter - in the finals with a tie breaker. At that point the score was 5 / 5, but the street had to be re-opened for traffic and there were only a few minutes left. One doesn't argue with the NYPD!! Actually we are lucky that once a year they allow this unusual street party to happen.

Once again, a wonderful petanque event, enjoyed by thousands of spectators.

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Anonymous said...

and NPR had a wonderful short about petanque played in Bryant Park: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=128667327

Jeff Widen