June 3, 2010

World Championship cancelled?

Today the FIPJP website announced that Taiwan had withdrawn as host country for the 2010 World Championship. Only 4 months ahead of the start date, Sep 30.
One cannot but wonder (a) what happened and (b) how many people have already booked tickets to get there.

My first reaction was -- "Let's do it in the USA!". And why not Amelia Island?
But it's not that simple. Under current FIPJP principles, selected teams (48 out of some 90 contending contries) have to get to the championship under their own steam, but the host city must pay for lodging, all meals, local transport, the welcome and farewell banquet, ànd the local expenses of a host of officials who come along for the ride for all sorts of reasons. A total of well over 300 people. That's a lot of dough, a.k.a. dollars.
The Netherlands cancelled once (for 2009), and now it's Taiwan.
Maybe time to revise the cost sharing formula so more countries / cities outside France can step up to the plate?

From the grapevine I heard that maybe Turkey will take over the torch for this year.
On the other hand, this newspaper in Laos today talks about hosting a world championship in December....?


kevin said...

WOW it's news to me they were building a new venue in Taipei the still have one in Kaohsiung they used for the world games and the Asian Championships and it's over grown with weeds not suprised the way the do things here,
Kaohsiung Petanque Club

kevin said...

I just cheeked there web-site and it's still has a big banner touting it

aoyama petanque said...

The event in Vientiane, Laos in December is most likely the women's Confederations Cup.