May 16, 2010

Petanque in Old Orchard Beach

The Town of Old Orchard Beach in Maine just completed a nice 40' x 50' play area. Sufficient for up to 5 concurrent games.
Downtown, right in front of the Amtrak terminal, with the gazebo for shade, and the little light house for inspiration!
Our friend Al, who discovered petanque while wintering in Bonita Springs Florida, was the driving force behind this development and will be there to teach new players.
Old Orchard Beach is another marker on the Petanque in the USA map.


Boules Larchmontaises said...

Well I am moving to OOB very soon and I will check it out !! that's for sure. My petanque sets always travel with me :) !! seriously !!

Boules Larchmontaises said...

good morning all Old Orchard Beach People.
I am now living in your town and ready to play or teach for those who are interested, weather permitting of course.
Let me know.
You can contact me on my cell phone @ (914)481-7658 or by e-mail @ :
My mailing address is :
Pierre Perrier
PO BOX 1115
Old Orchard Beach, ME 04064

By the way I hope to see most of you at the Grand Opening of the Brand New Trader Joe's Portland located at 87 Marginal Way in Portland on October 29th 2010 !!!
Pierre Perrier