May 6, 2010

Indoor petanque in Hong Kong

A brand new indoor basement pétanque bar & café.

Les Boules Café Pétanque

From a report in
HK Magazine:
Probably the world’s first (and certainly Hong Kong’s only) indoor basement pétanque bar, the ubiquitous metal ball-throwing game you see men playing everywhere in the South of France.
The revolutionary brainchild of Gecko’s Christophe and Eric Masson of the Hong Kong Pétanque Club on Lamma, Les Boules sits on a quiet street in Shek Tong Tsui. Venture down the staircase and it brings you to an unexpectedly cavernous subterranean realm that’s as bright as a fine summer’s day in Provence, with chanson and French electro lounge pop blaring from the speakers.
There are three sand-topped lanes and two smaller trainer lanes. Balls are there for rental, but you can also buy your own, with chic accessories like a bag for your boules or a handy magnetic ball retriever. There’s also board games such as Monopoly Bretagne and French Tarot (a card game, not for divinatory purposes). And s’il vous plaît, don’t be snobby and ask for fancy cocktails and dry martinis—this is pétanque and it’s all about pastis and draught beers.


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