April 20, 2010

Petanque in Holland (or is it?)

The Dutch petanque federation has a new website. With close to 19,000 registered members Holland is the fourth most active petanque country. Well organized, and constantly growing.
NJBB stands for 'Netherlands Jeu de Boules Bond', as the term "jeu de boules" is still more common in Holland than "petanque". Then again, the Dutch are used to adopting foreign words into their own daily lingo: such as "überhaupt", "sowieso", "meeting", "single", "tireren" or "portefeuille"...

But what struck me right away is the photo on their front page:

That's the sign of Lamorinda Petanque in Lafayette, California, and I took that picture when I visited them two years ago!

I honestly can't blame them for borrowing it. Lafayette does indeed have one of the most appealing public play areas in the US the world. And I bet Mary will be proud when she sees it!

Here's my report from May 2008.

Update June 2:
The photo has been changed to a more typical Dutch scene.

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