April 5, 2010

Fernandina Beach tournament

Last weekend we had a wonderful local tournament right here on the riverfront.

14 triplet teams with a wide variety of names, from Screwboules to Meatboules, not to forget the Big Kahunas and the local police team, Beach Boules. Ages ranging from 12 to 72.

Though mainly meant for islanders, we were honored with the presence of "Boules de Leon" from St Augustine, and "Carolina Petanque" all the way from Lexington, NC.

"Fun" was the slogan for the day and yes, fun was had by all, notwithstanding the constant breeze. We started at 9 am. Five random games for each team, with rankings on games won, and point spread. Simple, straightforward and by 4 pm we were at O'Kanes - the local Irish Pub - for Saturday evening quarterbacking.

We are truly blessed by the location, and the fact that players contribute their tools of the trade.

"Pete da Meat" brought his 16' catering trailer with cool drinks and barbecue.
Jeff provided his unique solar powered sound system so Gary, the tournament director, had no problems getting his message across, and good music was plentiful.

Many more pictures on the Carolina Petanque blog (the winners).

And below a video report by our friends from SearchAmelia, who placed a well deserved second.

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