April 11, 2010

Australia meets Canada in Fernandina Beach

Yesterday we had two surprise teams for our Saturday morning games.
The Pelletiers from Quebec, Canada (driving home from Arcadia FL) and Ben & Robert Dansby from Canberra, Australia.
Ben, who grew up in Lakeland FL but left 30 years ago, is the president of the "Boule Dogs" petanque club down under. He's touring around the US to show his son what America looks like. And Hermel & Renelle are amongst the thousands of Canadians who spend the winter in Florida. They discovered that Amelia Island is so close to I-95 that they made a stop and... decided to spend the weekend here.
Different continents, different backgrounds, but we (incl. the 26 local Amelia Island players) all had a ball together!

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