April 8, 2010

Anthony Bourdain being "had for breakfast" ...

The Travel Channel's wandering chef gets creamed by the natives:

Watch in HD (720) and full screen! So crisp you can almost smell the weeds he talks about.

Note to Anthony: come and train with us stateside, so next time you'll be kicking their "derrières"!

Thanks to Joe in Detroit.

When I watched this clip, the place looked extremely familiar. Then again, petanque next to a greenhouse behind a building is a common sight all over Provence. But - stubborn - I dug into my old photos from 2001 (when cameras were 1 megapixel) and... bingo!
It was filmed at Café-Relais de la Galine, about a mile east of St Rémy de Provence. La Galine is a local institution, where retired men (and the unemployed) play every day of the week. The 4 or 5 greenhouses allow for winter play. Most games involve (small amounts of) French Francs Euros to keep the tension - and the bar - going. Hence the observation of the lady is right on the money. Serious business...

Update # 2
I could have saved myself a lot of digging by just Googling "Anthony Bourdain" & Provence!!
Thus I found the complete episode of his visit to St Rémy, where they eat at La Galine (indeed) ànd more footage about pétanque (and Euros..)
The pétanque scene starts at 5:50.

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Gary said...

"As in bocce, a tiny rubber ball is thrown into the center." Rubber? I think Anthony really did have too much wine!