November 5, 2009

Tournament logo & mascot

Here's the final version of the tournament logo.

Many, many thanks to Bradbury Mattes, who's flying in from West Chester, PA to participate in the tournament, but is also a fine artist.
After receiving his B. A. from Marlboro College, Vermont, he was classically trained at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Accomplished in many media, including figure sculpture, abstract metal sculpture, watercolor, collage and charcoal drawing, he has primarily focused on etching and oil painting in his current work. His recent exhibitions include Immaculata, Audubon, Squirrel Gallery, Sunset Hill Gallery, Historic Sugartown and many more.

He included two important symbols of Amelia Island, the lighthouse and the shrimp, who could be any age or sex ànd playful, akin to folks who like pétanque.

Now we had to came up with a name for the creature. Preferably genderless. Several suggestions came in. Two almost identical!
Dave Barry
(who came in 2003 and 2005, but is very busy with his book tour right now) proposed "Crusty" (as in 'crustacean').
Around the same time Stan Russo (part of the Richmond VA delegation) came up with "Crusty Carreau" which adds a subtle French + pétanque touch.
A "carreau" is the perfect shot, when you knock out an opponent's ball ànd take its spot in the process.

Crusty Carreau is expecting y'all next week!

Thanks to all who submitted logos and name tips. This was the perfect example of a cooperative effort by people who have never met, but share the same passion.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if the rule book says anything about four feet inside the circle?
I met Brad very nice Gentelman and a Barbeque PRO.

Anonymous said...

Juan C'mon! "Pieds: ( in Pe-tanque) don't necessarily mean feet :) Think about those guys in wheelchair, their feet aren't "tanque-d" in the circle..

or should we call them "fesse-tanque"?

Anonymous said...

I'm arriving Nov 12th around 1:30PM
With Mamary if he makes the Plane on time, also staying at Seaside Amelia Inn. Please when are You arriving and Staying?. (Driving in)

Juan (Miami)