October 30, 2009

Canadian champions coming!

Serious heavyweights are coming in from Canada:

Mario Latour was part of the Canadian national team in 2003 and this year again. Three times vice-champion in the shooting contest, plus a number of national awards.

Alain Brunette was Canadian champion in the 2009 shooting contest, part of Mario's national team in 2003, and with others in 2005 & 2008.

Mario and Alain will team up in Amelia Island.

Then there's also Pascal Héneault, Yves Chenette (who many know from his days in Chicago), and a series of top players we all know very well, because they often play in South Florida: Roger Arpaia w/ Claude Laulhé and Ben Gauthier w/ Claude Lopez.
Laurent Mirabeau from Ottawa is still looking for a partner but already has his ticket.
I hope I didn't forget anyone!

There is no doubt that there has never been a pétanque contest of this high a level in the history of pétanque in the USA.


Anonymous said...

Well Done!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! we'll have lotta shooters in Weibel, Thibaut,the canadians, Rakotoarivelo (though it ain't Carlos[who is the 2007 world shooting champ] but his little sister..),