August 29, 2009

Who's coming??

Update 10/02
It went very fast this week. We're at 74 teams, including a few single players we're working on matching up with others.

Update 9/23
45 teams, and another state: CO

Update 9/17
Just got a call from Canada. Several teams are "warming up" for the tournament.

Update 09/16
36 teams, and two more states: SC & ME

Update 09/10

We're now at 32 teams, including CT.

Update 09/04:
One more state this week: MA

As of today, 11 weeks before the tournament, 25 teams have already registered. Representing a total of 11 states (see map). Only 39 to go!

We're planning to limit the tournament to 80 teams, so please register as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised!, NO ONE FROM MICHIGAN?


Anonymous said...

Just wait until fall up North sets in ;-)

Anonymous said...


It is possible for you to post on the blog all the teams registered so far so every body can see who is coming?