August 12, 2009


Who'd have thought someone would come up with an Ipod app for pétanque!

You take a picture of the boules layout, and then center a circle with adjustable radius on the target ball. The first boule to touch the circle is closest. Very simple.

Available for $0.99 here: BoulOmetre Petanque
Of course it only works with Ipod software.

It reminds me of "Le Juge" a magnifying glass contraption with circles we sold 9 years ago. It worked quite well, but the supplier went out of business.

Thanks to Ken of Petanque Marinière for "pointing" it out!


Bob said...

MMwwahhhaaaahhhaahaaa!! So much for referee Jones and his toolkit of archaic devices at Carolina Petanque gatherings!!

Anonymous said...

Bob, you better make sure to keep your iPhone fully charged at all times, because umpire Jones may not want to lend you his "archaic" devices anymore if you run out of power... :-)

Bernard said...

Very good and reasonably priced!! Has anyone checked out the accuracy?