May 19, 2009

Village tournament in France

This video shows how a club in a tiny village with around 500 inhabitants manages to organize a one day tournament with 84 teams. Actually they could have handled a lot more, but the weather forecast called for thunderstorms that day.

The parking lot next to the church, a chalk line marker and wooden beams. That's it. Obviously, this is not the first time, and they have it down to a tee.

Also noteworthy: (at 1:06) the new French FFPJP membership cards that get scanned in a reader. An amazing mix of tradition and technology. And burgers (aka "steak américain") for lunch!
Lempaut is in the Tarn department, SW of Castres. Thanks to Joël of La Boule Lempautoise.

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Jean said...

Absolument génial.