May 8, 2009


Here's another nice one, in Jean-Baptiste's backyard in Lawrenceville, NJ.

About 5 x 12 m (15 x 36 ft), shade & benches for the public, shelf space for spare boules, and a brass bath tub in easy reach for all. Can you imagine the amount of ice that fits in there?!
And spotlights for playing through the night.

A reminder:
please send us pics of your home petanque terrain. They are great inspiration for others. At least once a week we get a call from people asking for advice and tips. Look at other boulodr'homes


Jeffrey said...

Great looking piste! Can you share the details of the what stone you used for the surface, where you found it and how you built it?

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the long delay to respond to your question. I used quarry dust instead of sand. I felt it was easier to take care of, same quality of play. You can roll, plombe... A bunch of 6by6 and you're on. The " dug-out" I build it as a respect to the American-Franco background. 2 countries, 2 pass-time, one love for the games!!! Good luck, and if you have more questions, I'll try to respond faster!!!Enjoy with moderation of course....