April 13, 2009

Petanque on Wii

Hudson Entertainment (Konami) announced today that Deca Sports 2 will have 10 sports again, one of which is petanque. Available in the US in the fall.
In Europe it will be out in May and called Sports Island 2.

It's not the first Wii petanque game, because Ubisoft already included petanque in its World Sports Party package earlier this year. Reviews on the net are not raving on that one, but.... the most important part is that millions of people will no longer say: "Petanque? Never heard of it." The more petanque on Wii, the better.

Here's a funny screen shot from a French review that says:

"So, do I shoot or point?"
"Do whatever you want, the result will be the same!"

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