April 6, 2009

La Partie de Boules (Pagnol)

I blogged it in 2007, but the clip kept vanishing, so last week I kindly asked the folks of Marcel-Pagnol.com if they could please add it to their online library.

Today I received a friendly message from Nicolas Pagnol, the maestro's very own grandson, to let me know that the classic fragment from the 1932 movie "Fanny" is now online - with English subtitles.
Though it depicts "boule Provençale", the prédecessor of pétanque, not much has changed in those past 77 years, in terms of expressions, manierisms, and trash talk!
Raimu, who plays Cesar, was a master in all.

"Merci beaucoup" on behalf of all the "boulistes du monde" for this timeless piece of art.

Read more about Marcel Pagnol, his life and work

Update 05/16/09: Jac Verheul wrote a great story about this scene on Boulistenaute. The article is in French, but the collection of postcards alone is worth a visit.

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Jac Verheul "jacpetanque" said...

Hi Philippe,

Very soon, I will publish an article in French on the famous game of boules on the tramway on www.boulistenaute.com with a lot of illustrations (e.g. old postcards). Intentionally, I wrote the article one year ago for the French magazine Boulisme, but till now, they didn't publish it. Last year, I didn't get permission of Nicolas Pagnol to publish this scene (I have an illegal copy of it), but he gave me permission to publish the stills of the scene. Maybe, I will contact him again.