April 4, 2009

Florida tournaments

This time of year our RV friends in the South are heading back home (up North, that is). The end of another winter season with almost daily petanque play in hundreds of RV resorts. And regular tournaments, sometimes with close to 100 participants. Many resorts have increased their playing area, in some cases by simply tearing up the unused shuffleboard courts.
Here are a few souvenirs from ...

Green Acres in Dover:

Camp Inn Resort in Frostproof:

Citrus Park in Bonita Springs:

Many thanks to Gorden, Dennie and Allen (nice T-shirt!) for these pics. It was great to talk to y'all again, and I look forward to next season. Hopefully for a meeting in person.

PS: There must be a severe shortage of digital cameras in Arizona because I just cannot seem to get any photos from my buddies in places like Yuma!

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