March 4, 2009

Watch out for seagulls

Here's what happened to Karen on the beach in South Carolina:

Just thought you may like to know why the order of piglets! Today a friend and I where playing petanque on the beach when all of a sudden a seagull swept down and picked up the piglet. We chased after them but the bird must have swallowed it cuz it was no where 2 be found. So resumed our game and another seagull took our piglet and again we tried to retrieve it but it was also swallowed. Unfortunately, we stopped playing our game but did have a big laugh over the incident.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the solution is to use a cochonnet with a 70mm diameter!

Anonymous said...

A trick I've learned from the guys in from the Islands and in Brittany and from the Thai and Madagascar peoples (they love betting in precision shooting the coche since sometimes they don't have enough boules)

if it's just a pickup game, (otherwise illegal) then get a kite string at about 30 feet long and attach it to the cochonnet by using a pin
(the obut made fluorescent cochonnets have already at least one little pinmarks during their painting procedures, so you don't have to drill hard)

toss the cochonnet normally, while the other hand (finger) is holding the other end of the string

after tossing it. mark the cochonnet, then attach the other string to your boules bag. then move your bag close to the coche

- cover the string with dirt..-make sure it doesn't tangle

-Start playing.. if a bird is stealing your coche, it won't get any further (unless it manages to eat your boules bag and/or can take off and get from 0 to 10 metres altitude right before you or your opponent sitting or standing next to your bag coud grab the latter... which is technically impossible)

-in precicion shooting practices, it could be used too for preventing the cochonnet from getting lost during your shoot at the coche practice,

- or during a regular game .. you hit the coche "plein fer...eeer wood" and the bag moves..then the end is void!(because the bag would only move id the coche's gone for more than 20 meters from your circle and pulling the string)

-don't use it during official competition unless everyone competing and the umpire agrees.