March 7, 2009

New Obut bags

Obut came out with a new bag this year, with an adjustable shoulder strap. 
You can now finally explain - with both hands - that unbelievable shot you did,  or open a bottle and have a drink, without putting down your beloved boules set.
Available in gray, terra cotta and blue.

I uploaded the colored leather bags as well.

We now have 21 different types of bags & cases in stock, most of them in a variety of colors. It may seem crazy, but you'd be surprised how often people ask us for a bag that is noticeably different from everything they've seen at their club so far. 

"Anybody seen my balls?" is a common cry indeed.

1 comment:

Petanque-kaohsuing-Taiwan said...

great looking bag's I'll need to get some ,tired of carryinh my boules in a onion bag lol
kaohsuing petanque