March 3, 2009

FPUSA's new website

FPUSA has a new look!

No more Stars & Stripes, which - from what I understand - are not supposed to be part of anyone's logo, just boules and a target ball. Isn't that what it's all about?
But - of course - red, white & blue, the national colors of both the USA and France.

Please visit and do read the first new format newsletter, The Score, that stresses the importance of cultivating interest for petanque around existing entities or locales, whether it's a church, a fire station or a condo.

I for one loudly applaud that philosophy and have advocated it for years. For too long, some clubs have tried to grow only with people who already know the game. The future lies not only with those who do, but also with those who just discovered it, cherish it and then become the best ambassadors.

A big welcome to Daniel, the new webmaster in Chicago, and sincere thanks to Jan in Oakhurst, CA who kept running and growing for so many years.

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